Legal Rights You Have In A Drug Crime Case


The use and distribution of drugs are illegal in the majority of the states. Other states allow the use of drugs only for medicinal purposes. Therefore, if you are ever caught using or dealing with drugs in a public place, you can be arrested and face serious criminal charges.

Driving under the influence of drugs is also a criminal offense that can put you in jail for a long time. If you have been caught red-handed while using or dealing drugs, then you should know the legal rights you have in this criminal case.

1. Right To Have Legal Representation

The right to have legal representation in a criminal case is one of the basic rights you should be aware of. You do not have to rely on the state-provided lawyer who is mostly overworked and has no interest in winning your case. You have a right to hire a private attorney.

Make sure that you hire a local lawyer who is familiar with the local laws. For instance, if you live in or near Jacksonville, FL then you should look for Drug Crimes Lawyers jacksonville fl to represent you in court.

2. Right To Remain Silent

When you are arrested by the police and they take you to the station for interrogation, you should know that you have a right to stay silent. You do not have to say a word to the police until your lawyer arrives.

Make sure that you practice your right to remain silent during police interrogation, especially in the absence of your lawyer so that you can avoid making your case more complex. Anything you say might be used against you, therefore, it is better to stay silent.

3. Right Against Unreasonable Searches And Seizures

You should know that the Fourth Amendment provides you with legal rights against unreasonable searches and seizure of property until the court asks you to do so.

Make sure that you utilize this right to protect your assets. If these rights are ignored by law enforcement forces, then you can fight for evidence exclusion.

4. Right To Have Proper Trial

Like any other case, drug crimes should be investigated in due time. The court should take its time to investigate the case. As a citizen of the US, you have a legal right to go through the proper trial.

You have a right to an impartial and fair trial, that allows you to provide evidence and present defense in court.

5. Presumption Of Innocence

You should know that you have a right to be presumed innocent until the court finds it otherwise. When you are charged with a crime, it is the prosecutor’s job to prove you guilty.

Unless all the evidence goes against you, you are presumed to be innocent. Therefore, even if you have committed a crime, let the prosecution prove it. Your lawyer should be able to defend you and counter the evidence. Unless you want to plead guilty, you might be acquitted by the court as innocent if the prosecution fails to prove their case.




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