Crafting The Trend: A Comprehensive Guide To Capcut Trending Templates



Capcut, A Popular Video Editing App, Has Become A Creative Hub For Content Creators Worldwide. Among Its Features, Capcut Trending Templates Stand Out As Dynamic Tools That Elevate Video Editing To New Heights. In This Guide, We Will Explore The Intricacies Of Capcut Trending Templates, From Understanding What They Are To Utilizing Them Effectively For Captivating Video Content.

Unveiling Capcut Trending Templates: An Overview

How to use CapCut for TikTok

To start, you’re going to want to download the CapCut app in the App Store. You’ll need this for later.

Step #1: Find a CapCut Template

Next, find a template to use. Typically, we save trends and templates as we come across them on our For You Page. You’ll know a video is a CapCut template when you see this feature at the bottom left side of the TikTok video.

Before proceeding to editing, do future you a favour and save the audio from the TikTok video straight to your TikTok Favorites. You’ll need this audio before you post your video.

Once you’ve found a CapCut template that you want to edit, click the “Try This Template” button in the bottom left corner. From there, click the “Use Template in CapCut” button on this page and one more time on the next page.

Step #2: Choose Your Clips & Add Text

Next, you’ll be prompted to choose your clips. It’s important to note that you have to select a photo or video from your phone’s media library. You can’t film within the CapCut template itself, so be sure to film directly from your phone’s camera before using templates.

Once you’ve selected your clip, choose which portion of the video you’d like to include in the template by sliding through the clip, like this. Then, click “Preview”.

If the template includes text, you can edit your text by clicking on the Text tab, tapping the clip preview at the bottom, and then selecting the Edit button. CapCut text can be a little tricky to format, so be sure to play around with your text to get it positioned just right.

Step #3: Export the Template to TikTok’

When you’re finished writing your text, click Done. Now it’s time to move things back over to TikTok. On the top right side, click “Export” and “Save and share to TikTok without CapCut watermark”.

Step #4: Complete the Video in TikTok

Now that you’re back in TikTok, it’s time to find the original audio. Tap on “Add Sound”, head over to your Favorites, and select the sound you previously saved. Including this original sound ensures that your video can be found by other users who tap on the sound, and it also makes sure that you’re giving credit to the original creator.

Then, tap on the editing scissors on the top right-hand side, click the Video layer and reduce the volume to 0%. This way, only the trending sound will be played. Then, click “Save”. Now, all you have to do is add your caption, mentions or hashtags and customize any settings you might need before posting.

And there you have it. You’ve successfully made your CapCut edit. If you’re ever looking for a CapCut template but you can’t find it on TikTok, try heading directly to the Trending page within the CapCut app. Let us know what you thought of this tutorial in the comment section below and be sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date with all the latest social media tips, trends and tutorials. See you later.

Capcut Trending Templates Are Pre-Designed Video Editing Layouts That Encapsulate Popular Visual Styles, Transitions, And Effects. These Templates Serve As Creative Starting Points For Users, Offering A Shortcut To Achieving Engaging And Trending Aesthetics In Their Videos.

Accessing Capcut Trending Templates: Navigating The App

Capcut Trending Template

  1. Opening Capcut: Launch The Capcut App On Your Device And Navigate To The Video Editing Interface.
  2. Template Section: Locate The “Template” Section Within Capcut. This Is Where You’ll Find A Collection Of Pre-Designed Templates, Including Those Currently Trending On The Platform.
  3. Exploring Categories: Templates On Capcut Are Often Categorized Based On Themes, Styles, Or Popular Trends. Explore Different Categories To Discover A Variety Of Templates That Align With Your Creative Vision.

Understanding The Elements Of Capcut Trending Templates

  1. Visual Styles: Capcut Trending Templates Showcase Diverse Visual Styles, From Minimalistic And Clean Designs To Vibrant And Dynamic Aesthetics. Understanding The Visual Style Of A Template Is Crucial For Selecting One That Complements Your Content.
  2. Transitions And Effects: Templates Often Include Predefined Transitions And Effects That Contribute To The Overall Flow Of The Video. These Elements Can Range From Smooth Transitions Between Clips To Creative Visual Effects That Enhance The Storytelling Aspect Of The Content.
  3. Text And Captions: Capcut Templates May Incorporate Text And Captions In Various Fonts And Styles. These Elements Are Customizable, Allowing Users To Add Their Own Text Or Modify Existing Captions To Suit The Narrative Of Their Video.
  4. Audio Enhancements: Some Templates Include Audio Enhancements, Such As Background Music Or Sound Effects. These Additions Contribute To The Overall Atmosphere Of The Video And Can Be Adjusted Based On Personal Preferences.

Choosing The Right Capcut Trending Template: Considerations

Capcut Trending Template

  1. Content Alignment: Consider The Alignment Of The Template With The Type Of Content You’re Creating. Whether It’s A Vlog, Tutorial, Or Short Film, Choose A Template That Complements The Genre And Message Of Your Video.
  2. Personalization Options: Evaluate The Level Of Personalization Offered By The Template. Capcut Allows Users To Customize Various Elements, Including Colors, Fonts, And Transitions, Ensuring The Template Aligns With Your Unique Style.
  3. Engagement Potential: Assess The Engagement Potential Of The Template. Templates That Incorporate Dynamic Transitions, Eye-Catching Effects, And Visually Appealing Elements Are More Likely To Capture And Retain Viewer Attention.
  4. Consistency With Trends: Choose Templates That Align With Current Video Editing Trends. Staying Updated With Popular Visual Styles Ensures That Your Content Resonates With A Wider Audience And Remains Relevant In The Ever-Evolving Landscape Of Online Content Creation.

Applying Capcut Trending Templates: Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Selecting A Template: Browse Through The Available Templates In The Capcut App And Choose One That Fits Your Video’s Theme And Style.
  2. Preview And Customization: Before Applying The Template, Preview Its Elements To Get An Overview Of The Design And Transitions. Capcut Allows For Extensive Customization, So Feel Free To Modify Colors, Text, And Other Components According To Your Preferences.
  3. Adding Content: Once Satisfied With The Template, Start Adding Your Content To The Designated Sections. Insert Video Clips, Images, Or Any Other Media Elements Relevant To Your Narrative.
  4. Adjusting Timings: Fine-Tune The Timings Of Transitions And Effects To Ensure A Seamless Flow. Capcut Provides Precision Controls, Allowing You To Synchronize Your Content With The Template’s Predefined Elements.
  5. Audio Integration: If The Template Includes Background Music Or Sound Effects, Integrate Them Into Your Project. Adjust The Volume Levels To Ensure A Balanced Audio Experience.
  6. Final Preview: Before Exporting Your Video, Preview The Final Result To Ensure That All Elements Work Harmoniously. Make Any Necessary Adjustments To Enhance The Overall Quality Of Your Content.

Tips For Enhancing Capcut Trending Template Videos

Capcut Trending Template

  1. Experiment With Customization: Don’t Hesitate To Experiment With Customization Options. Adjust Colors, Fonts, And Transitions To Add A Personal Touch And Make The Template Uniquely Yours.
  2. Mix And Match Templates: Combine Elements From Different Templates To Create A Hybrid Design. Mixing And Matching Can Result In A Fresh And Innovative Visual Style That Sets Your Content Apart.
  3. Align With Branding: If You Have A Personal Or Brand Aesthetic, Ensure That The Chosen Template Aligns With Your Overall Branding. Consistency In Visual Style Enhances Brand Recognition.
  4. Explore New Templates Regularly: Capcut Regularly Updates Its Library With New Templates. Explore Fresh Additions To Stay Ahead Of Emerging Trends And Maintain A Dynamic And Engaging Content Strategy.

Showcasing Capcut Trending Template Videos: Sharing And Distribution

  1. Exporting Videos: Once Satisfied With Your Edited Video Using The Capcut Trending Template, Proceed To Export The Final Version. Capcut Provides Options For Different Resolutions And Quality Settings Based On Your Intended Platform.
  2. Social Media Sharing: Capitalize On The Social Media Integration Of Capcut By Directly Sharing Your Videos On Platforms Like Tiktok, Instagram, Or Youtube. Utilize Relevant Hashtags To Increase Visibility And Engagement.
  3. Engaging With Feedback: Monitor Comments, Likes, And Shares On Your Shared Videos. Engage With Your Audience By Responding To Comments And Considering Feedback For Future Content Creation.
  4. Cross-Promotion: Cross-Promote Your Capcut Template-Enhanced Videos On Various Social Media Channels. Share Snippets, Teasers, Or Behind-The-Scenes Content To Generate Anticipation And Drive Traffic To Your Main Video.


Capcut Trending Templates Serve As Powerful Tools For Content Creators, Offering A Streamlined Way To Achieve Visually Captivating Videos. By Understanding The Elements Of These Templates, Choosing Wisely, And Applying Them With Thoughtful Customization, Users Can Elevate Their Video Content To New Heights. Embrace The Creative Possibilities Offered By Capcut Trending Templates And Embark On A Journey To Produce Engaging, Trend-Setting Videos That Captivate Audiences Across Digital Platforms.

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