Navigating The App Universe: Exploring The Best Trending Apps


Introduction: The Dynamic World Of Trending Apps

As Technology Continually Evolves, The App Landscape Experiences Constant Shifts And Innovations. This Comprehensive Guide Aims To Navigate The Realm Of Trending Apps, Shedding Light On The Criteria That Make An App ‘Trendy,’ Exploring Popular Categories, And Delving Into Some Of The Best Apps Currently Making Waves.

Defining Trending Apps: What Makes An App Trendy?


This Chinese feature-packed video editor app gives users access to advanced editing features, fonts, effects, and everything they need to capture the moment. Formerly known as Viamaker, CapCut shares the same parent company as TikTok; hence TikTok users can both edit and export their CapCut videos directly to TikTok.

Best Trending App

In 2022, the app surpassed 200 million monthly active users, which ranks CapCut first among other trending video editing apps.

Available on: App Store, Google Play.


A livestreaming sports app, DAZN gives access to an ever-growing archive of on-demand boxing, documentaries, shows, and other sports events. Launched in 2016, the application now covers over 200 countries with a streaming platform initially focused on boxing.

Best Trending App

The core features of DAZN include the following:

  • Live streaming up to HD;
  • On-demand video streaming;
  • Compatibility with connected devices, including Apple TV, gaming consoles, and others;
  • Simultaneous video streaming on two devices.

Available on: App Store, Google Play.


The streaming haven for Disney, Marvel, and other top publishers, Disney+ is a world-known exclusive streaming platform. The service has gained dominance in the market thanks to its famous owner company and exclusive partnerships.

Best Trending App

Among the core features of Disney+ are:

  • Unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices;
  • Free 4K UHD streaming with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support;
  • A parental controls system;
  • Simultaneous streaming on up to four screens;
  • Group watch for virtual viewing parties.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, Disney Plus added 12.1 million subscribers, with a total number of paid subscriptions reaching 164.2 million in revenue. In 2021, this figure was considerably lower at 118.1 million paid subscribers.

Available on: App Store, Google Play.


ESPN app is an all-in-one sports content platform from the Disney bundle that offers live and on-demand sports events, including live games, highlights, sports news, and more. In 2022, the service took the lead in terms of consumer spending, topping the best sports apps.

Best Trending App

Its subscription-based service, ESPN+, is the exclusive distributor for UFC pay-per-view events in the U.S. In 2022, the number of paid ESPN+ subscribers sat at 24 million, the majority of whom are U.S. users.

Available on: App Store, Google Play.

Google One

As our data needs grow, cloud storage apps like Google One help us take care of our files and documentation. Google One backs up important phone data using free 15 GB of storage offered with every Google account. This service was launched in 2018 as an alternative to a Google Drive subscription.

Best Trending App

Google One users can get 24/7 assistance and share their storage allotment with up to five family members. The storage covers Google services, including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos.

In 2022, the Google One app was the No. 6 non-game app globally in terms of consumer spending. Though most customers are buying the subscription for the extra storage and backup — Google’s alternative to Apple’s iCloud, in a sense — it’s also another way for Google to lock in customers into its app ecosystem, even if they don’t use its Pixel phones or even an Android device.n $1 billion in consumer spending.

Available on: App Store, Google Play.


Serving as a portable addition to the main HBO content, this premium streaming app invites the user into the world of gripping blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, and premieres. The application launched in 2020 as a successor of HBO Go and HBO Now. The app’s unique selling point is its varied content library that combines classic HBO shows with a trove of popular Warner Bros movies and Max Originals.

Best Trending App

The mix of core features is similar to other competing streaming services, including:

  • On-demand movies;
  • Paid HD streaming;
  • Advanced sorting by type, genre, and others;
  • Offline downloads, playback;
  • Accessibility and parental control.

As one of the leading entertainment companies in the market, the Warner Bros. Discovery company reported an increase in global direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscribers across HBO, HBO Max, and Discovery+, thanks to the re-launch of HBO Max on Amazon Channels in December 2022.

Available on: App Store, Google Play.


Also known as Disney+ Hotstar, this video-on-demand service operates in Central and Southeast Asia. As India’s largest streaming service, Hotstar’s content library draws from Star India’s television networks and process access to region-specific sports, movies, and shows.

Best Trending App

The core features resonate with other streaming apps and include:

  • Simultaneous streaming;
  • Multi-platform compatibility;
  • Playback;
  • And more.

The app’s paid subscriber base hit 61.3 million in October 2022, compared to 43.3 million in the same period in 2021.

Available on: App Store, Google Play.


This Meta-owned photo and video-sharing app has come a long way since 2010. Once a 1:1 photo posting app, Instagram is now among the top social media apps with a rich feature set of social, business, and creator tools.

Best Trending App

The app’s toolset is impressive and includes trendsetting features:

  • “Reels,” “Stories,” “Highlights,” and “Boomerangs;”
  • AR filters and effects;
  • Live streaming and Instagram video;
  • Instant messaging with vanish mode;
  • Emojis, stickers, quizzes, and others.

Each year, Instagram rolls out new features to match evolving user needs and make content more interactive. In 2022, this social media app focused on new sharing features, including Notes, Group Profiles, and more.

In 2022, mobile users spent 174 billion hours on the app. According to Meta, Reels, its short-video feature, accounts for more than 20% of the time that people spend on Instagram.

Available on: App Store, Google Play.


The Chinese counterpart of Netflix, iQIYI, is among the top video streaming apps in China that offers the best and latest Asian drama, anime, shows, and other must-sees. The application is branded to be a user-friendly service with offline viewing, immersive viewing experience, cross-platform support, and subtitles.

Best Trending App

Due to the cutthroat competition and dominance of Tencent and Alibaba, the service has struggled to stay in the black. Since its 2018 debut, iQIYI has lost about 70% of its market value yet gained its first quarterly profit of over $169 million in 2022, thanks to a more significant focus on profitability.

Available on: App Store, Google Play.


The LINE app is an Asian communication app that stepped on the scene in 2011. Owned by LINE Corp, this app aims to go beyond basic messengers by offering stickers, social games, video calling, and a wide array of value-added apps that integrate with communication services.

Best Trending App

Launched as a messenger, LINE has also become an ecosystem of apps that includes everything from news and social feeds to banking services. In 2022, the company also launched LINE NFT, LINE’s NFT marketplace in Japan, where users can easily buy and trade NFTs.

LINE has evolved into one of the most trending apps, with 178 million users in its four main markets, with 92 million in Japan alone.

Available on: App Store, Google Play.


The Meesho app helps anyone start their online business by reselling items for an open profit fee and earning weekly bonuses. The platform also caters to small businesses that list their products for reselling. The app hosts a collection of catalogs with various items sold wholesale.

Best Trending App

Users share images and descriptions of these products with their contacts via Whatsapp, Instagram, or any other social media and determine the reselling price for the product. Resellers then place the orders directly on the app, and Meesho handles the delivery.

In 2022, the application was revamped into an integrated solution where users can switch between the buyer and seller interfaces with a single click. The Meesho app now also offers advanced e-commerce features such as order processing and payment tracking that used to be on desktop only.

In 2021, this shopping app acquired over 100 million transactors on its platform.

Available on: App Store, Google Play.


A pioneer of video streaming, the Netflix app delivers a wide variety of top-selling TV shows, movies, and others directly into viewers’ smartphones. The app offers a whole range of the latest streaming features, including 3D surround sound format, HD quality, offline watching, and others. Netflix is an advocate of an AI-enabled experience and widely employs intelligence to personalize recommendations, create teasers, and offer playback and other features.

Best Trending App

The resounding success of the app is an accumulation of various factors, including the binge-watching trend Netflix started, unmatched personalization, and partnerships with top content creators and distributors. Today, Netflix has 231 million paid memberships in over 190 countries with $7.85 million of quarterly revenue.

Available on: App Store, Google Play.


Nubank is a Brazilian neobank and the largest financial technology bank in Latin America. Branded as the world’s largest neobank, Nubank has acquired its reputation as an antidote to traditional banking systems and helps over 70 million people solve their financial problems through technology.

Best Trending App

The app itself is a payment account that allows users to make an unlimited number of transfers to any bank, pay bills, earn points, and apply for a loan. Its unique feature is that any funds deposited into a Nubank account immediately begin earning 100% interest.

Since its early days in 2013, the Nubank app has reached incredible heights as its user base has almost tripled from 12 million in 2019 to 34 million in 2021. Today, it’s also the fifth top-downloaded app in the category, according to

Available on: App Store, Google Play.


If you’re looking for a personalized listening experience, the Pandora app is a radio-like streaming application that combines the best of AM/FM and on-demand music streaming. As a radio service, the app lets users create a radio station based on an artist they enjoy. Once a user creates a station, Pandora selects songs and artists that resonate with that artist.

Best Trending App

In addition to music, Pandora also offers podcast and comedy listening experience, a digital audio advertising platform, and 2000+ integrations with other products such as Sirius XM content and Waze. In 2022, Pandora had 47.6 million monthly active users, while Pandora and Off-platform revenue for the year reached $2.1 billion.

The Dynamics Of Trending: Understanding App Popularity*

Before Delving Into Specific Apps, This Section Explores The Dynamics That Contribute To An App’s Trendiness. From User Engagement Metrics To Innovative Features, Understanding These Dynamics Provides Insights Into What Sets Trending Apps Apart.

User Reviews And Ratings: The Voice Of The App Community*

User Reviews And Ratings Play A Significant Role In App Trends. This Subsection Delves Into How User Feedback Shapes App Popularity, Influencing Potential Users And Contributing To An App’s Overall Success.

The Diversity Of Trending App Categories

Social Media Marvels: Connecting In The Digital Age*

Social Media Apps Continue To Dominate The Trending Landscape. From The Ever-Popular Platforms To Emerging Contenders, This Section Explores The Role Of Social Media In Shaping Trends And Fostering Digital Connections.

Productivity Powerhouses: Apps For Efficiency And Focus*

Productivity Apps Have Become Essential Tools In Today’s Fast-Paced World. This Subsection Delves Into Trending Productivity Apps, From Task Managers To Collaborative Platforms, Highlighting Their Impact On Efficiency And Focus.

Entertainment Extravaganza: Trending Apps For Leisure*

Entertainment Apps Cover A Vast Spectrum, Including Streaming Services, Gaming Platforms, And Virtual Experiences. Exploring The Trends Within The Entertainment Category Provides A Snapshot Of How Users Seek Leisure In The Digital Age.

Spotlight On Communication Apps: Staying Connected

Messaging Apps: The Evolution Of Digital Conversations*

Messaging Apps Have Evolved Beyond Simple Text Communication. This Section Explores The Trends In Messaging Apps, From Multimedia Capabilities To The Integration Of Additional Features That Enhance User Interaction.

Video Calling Revolution: Connecting Face-To-Face Digitally*

Video Calling Apps Have Witnessed A Surge In Popularity, Especially In The Era Of Remote Communication. Delving Into The Trends In Video Calling Apps Sheds Light On The Features That Make Virtual Face-To-Face Interactions Seamless.

Fitness And Wellness: Apps For A Healthier Lifestyle

Health Tracking Apps: Trending Towards Wellness*

With A Growing Focus On Health And Wellness, Health Tracking Apps Have Gained Prominence. This Section Explores The Trends In Fitness And Wellness Apps, Showcasing How Technology Contributes To Healthier Lifestyles.

Mental Health Apps: Navigating Emotional Well-Being*

The Importance Of Mental Health Is Increasingly Recognized, Leading To The Rise Of Mental Health Apps. Exploring The Trends In These Apps Highlights The Intersection Of Technology And Emotional Well-Being.

E-Commerce Evolution: Trending Shopping Apps

Mobile Shopping Platforms: The Convenience Of E-Commerce*

Mobile Shopping Apps Have Transformed The Way People Shop. This Section Explores The Trends In E-Commerce Apps, Examining Features That Enhance The Shopping Experience And Contribute To Their Trending Status.

Deals And Discounts: The Allure Of Savings*

Apps Offering Deals And Discounts Have A Unique Appeal To Consumers. Delving Into The Trends In Savings-Focused Apps Unveils Strategies Employed By Platforms To Attract And Retain Users.

Gaming Galore: The World Of Trending Games

Mobile Gaming Trends: From Casual To Competitive*

The Mobile Gaming Industry Continues To Thrive, With Trends Ranging From Casual Gaming Experiences To Competitive Esports. This Section Explores The Diverse Trends In Mobile Gaming And The Factors That Contribute To Game Popularity.

Augmented Reality (AR) And Virtual Reality (VR): Gaming Beyond Reality*

The Integration Of AR And VR Technologies Has Reshaped The Gaming Landscape. This Subsection Delves Into The Trends In AR And VR Gaming, Providing Insights Into The Immersive Experiences That Captivate Users.

Emerging Technologies: Apps At The Cutting Edge

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration: Smart Apps For Smart Users*

AI-Driven Apps Are At The Forefront Of Innovation. This Section Explores The Trends In AI Integration, Showcasing How Smart Technologies Enhance User Experiences And Contribute To App Trends.

Blockchain And Cryptocurrency: The Rise Of Decentralized Apps*

Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Have Extended Their Influence To The App Domain. Exploring Trends In Decentralized Apps Sheds Light On The Growing Interest In Blockchain Technology And Its Applications.

Case Studies: A Closer Look At Trending App Success Stories

Tiktok: The Short-Form Video Sensation*

This Subsection Provides A Case Study On Tiktok, Examining The Factors That Propelled It To Trendiness, From Its Innovative Video Format To Its Impact On Digital Culture.

Zoom: Redefining Virtual Communication*

A Case Study On Zoom Delves Into How This Video Conferencing App Became A Household Name, Analyzing Its Features, User Experience, And The Pivotal Role It Played During A Global Shift To Remote Work.

The Role Of App Stores: Curators Of Trends

App Store Algorithms: Shaping App Discoverability*

Understanding How App Store Algorithms Contribute To App Discoverability Is Crucial. This Section Explores The Role Of App Stores In Curating Trends And Guiding Users Towards The Most Popular And Relevant Apps.

Conclusion: Navigating The Ever-Changing App Landscape

Exploring The Best Trending Apps Involves Understanding The Dynamic Interplay Of User Preferences, Technological Advancements, And Societal Trends. From Social Media And Productivity To Gaming And Emerging Technologies, The App Landscape Continues To Evolve, Offering Users A Diverse Array Of Experiences. This Comprehensive Guide Serves As A Roadmap For Users Seeking To Navigate The Ever-Changing App Landscape, Stay Informed About Trending Apps, And Make Informed Choices In The Dynamic World Of Digital Applications.

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