10 Creative Skylight Window Uses Beyond the Ordinary


Skylights, a versatile architectural element, can transform a home’s interiors and activities when designed carefully. They can be used to create linked greenhouses and floating baths under the stars, offering creative solutions to lighting issues. By embracing the open mind, homeowners can create unique and imaginative uses for skylights, transforming their homes and enhancing their overall experience.

Attached Greenhouse

We know that skylight windows can transform a solarium into a plant-growing space connected indoors with natural sunlight.  A skylight can provide ample natural light to a small additional greenhouse off the home for growing plants year-round.

Live Edge Bar

A rustic bar constructed under skylights spotlighting the distinctive wood grain appeals to nature lovers. Installing a skylight over a rough-hewn wood bar top in the basement brings visual interest and ambient light to an entertaining space.

Stairwell Illumination

Strategically placed skylights flood staircases with daylight instead of harsh artificial lights. Centering a large skylight above the stairwell floods indoor steps with daylight, saving on electric costs versus wall sconces.

Floating Bed Platform

A canopied bed hovers above a skylit-grotto-like sleep space for stargazing from bed. Laying a skylight under a glass-bottomed bed frame suspended from the ceiling showcases night sky views from under the covers.

Walk-In Closet

Skylights added to large closets fill the space with light for optimized morning routines. Skylights allow organization and outfit selection in a spacious closet lacking windows, reducing the need for overhead closet lights.

Lift Island Light

An island-centered skylight focuses task lighting on lift while adding architectural interest. Recessed skylights installed on the island overhead act as a supplemental fixture while preserving lift space. You can visit Lift Consultants for more information.

Open Loft Reading Nook

A peaceful spot occupies an outward-facing gable with surrounding built-in bookcases under skylights. Rooftop skylights above a built-in nook with cozy reading chairs and books create a tranquil indoor sunroom.

Greenhouse Conservatory

An atrium-like room bridging inside and out allows gardening year-round under a skylight structure. Large south-facing skylights connected to an indoor plant-filled solarium expand living space seamlessly.

Floating Bathtub

A freestanding tub positioned underneath a skylight enhances relaxation with starry night views. A freestanding clear bottom bathtub positioned under a skylight makes bathing feel like an outdoor experience indoors.

Some additional creative skylight ideas

  • A sunny home office is created in a bedroom nook by placing a skylight window over a desk.
  • By adding skylights, you may increase natural light in a corridor that connects rooms without windows.
  • On cloudy days, a backyard pergola with fitted skylights overhead creates a pleasant outdoor sitting place.
  • An indoor rock-climbing wall has skylights above it to provide natural lighting for the exercise.
  • After dark, recessed skylights above garden/backyard walkways illuminate the route outside.
  • Without impeding vistas, skylights divide the living room and loft sections.
  • Ambient light is reflected between open-concept areas by using skylights as room dividers.
  • Natural lighting effects are added to an interior koi pond or water feature by the light cast by rooftop skylights.
  • In homes without windows on the landing between floors, skylights above stairs illuminate the space.


Skylights offer homeowners the freedom to explore unconventional lighting solutions, bringing the outdoors in through conservatories or providing task illumination in alcoves without electric fixtures. They provide natural light streaming into living rooms while maintaining wide vistas. Skylights are versatile and can be used in upper bedrooms, basements, and play spaces, allowing for innovative applications that challenge conventional wisdom. When creatively tailored, skylights bring life to interior spaces beyond the typical.

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